Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Solicitors - Safety Tips

  • If someone comes to your door and you are not comfortable answering the door, leave the door closed and talk to them through the door. If you are not interested in talking to them you can tell them to leave, if they refuse call the Sheriffs Department and we will send a car. 


  • If you open the door and choose to speak with the solicitor, remember that they are required to have a permit from the Village and you can ask to see it. If they can not produce a permit, they are in violation and you should ask them to leave.


  • If at any time you feel “pressured” by the solicitor, you should stop the communication and ask them to leave.


  • Never allow solicitors into your residence, unscrupulous solicitors will often ask to come in to use the bathroom or to get a drink of water.


  • If you choose to purchase something from the solicitor and have to retrieve a check or cash, close and lock the door while you go to get the funds. Do not allow the solicitor to see where you keep your money, purse, or other valuables.


  • Remember when dealing with anyone that comes to your door that they are a visitor on your property and you have every right to ask them to leave.


  • A person that wants to solicit in the Village must obtain a permit. Having this permit merely means that this person produced an ID, it does not mean that the Village has endorsed the company or the person at your door



When to Report

  • Reports of a bad experience with a solicitor that has a permit issued by the Village should be reported to the Village. This information can be used to deny future permits or revoke current permits.


  • Reports of an unlicensed solicitor or a solicitor refusing to leave your property should be reported to the Kent County Sheriff Department. Most of these calls can be reported through the non-emergency phone number of 632-6100 (1) but if you feel threatened or have an emergency, you can call 911.